Thursday, 25 July 2013

Uterus basic information

The uterus womb is a female reproductive hormone-responsive sex organ of most mammals including humans. The end of the neck, they should be in the open, the other belongs to one or other with pipes of trumpets. The second type is a fetus in the womb, which is formed in the womb, totally in developing many such men, some in the placental mammals and marsupials such as kangaroos opossums. About two of the uterus was first formed into a female fetus and in the placenta of animals, are able to unite with one side or fully depending on the type in the womb. When one of two things is the development of the uterus in many species. In other leaders of men and horses, and chimpanzees are more in-depth as usual, were scattered in the womb he has one at all, although in some of the individual uteruses are not fully condensed. In English, it is called, appropriately within the uterus and related medical skills, with German consumers is a common term in the womb of everyday use.

For the great majority of animals, eggs, fowls, and of creeping things, so that, including most of the species of ovoviviparous, the fallopian tube instead of the womb of her was. Note, however, that recent research on the biology of the breed (not only ovoviviparous) skink Trachylepis ivensi development very close analog eutherian mammals shows the development of the placenta.

We are in the monotremes, the eggs; uterus or fallopian term used to describe the same organ, but the egg did not develop in the mother's placenta and thus does not receive more food and education fertilization.