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What are the Breast Cancer symptoms? Breast cancer symptoms. How is Breast cancer diagnosed?. How can it be prevented?.

What are the Breast Cancer symptoms? Breast cancer symptoms. How is Breast cancer diagnosed?

Breast cancer caused by the failure of breast cells, which grow creating malignant tumor. It is the most common cancer in women.

What are the symptoms?

callus (very small lump) of the chest, which is touchable

one or more small nodules in the armpit (lymph nodes)

change in breast skin (irritation, redness, orange peel-like appearance)

change in the image of the teat (retraction of the nipple).

secretion of fluid from the nipple.

 What are the risk factors?

 family history

prolonged exposure to estrogen, such as hormone replacement therapy (but which protects women from other serious diseases) and early onset of menstruation and late menopause

age (women after 40 should have regular mammograms)

  changes in the genes BRCA1 or BRCA2, which are associated with breast cancer

  the first pregnancy in old age

  exposure to harmful radiation


How is it diagnosed?

Initially usually the volume detected by palpation and then made as test:

breast ultrasound



biopsy, i.e. microscopically examined tissue or fluid is removed from the breast

How is it treated?

Breast cancer belongs to the category of cancers are usually treated effectively, especially if the diagnosis is early. The treatment can be done with radiation, chemotherapy or hormonal drugs with surgery.

How can it be prevented?

It is absolutely essential that each woman groping their own breasts once a month, after the period (7 to 11 day cycle). Most tumors are found by women themselves! Undoubtedly have the age of 20 years to be at least one year and palpation of the gynecologist, which will be accompanied by breast ultrasound imaging. At the age of 35-40 years must be the first mammography (reference) which keeps the woman on file for comparison with subsequent mammograms. After 40 years there must be other than mammogram once a year, every year, and ultrasound and palpation of the breasts by a specialist. To reduce the incidence of this type of cancer it is advisable to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise and obesity prevention. Also choose to become mothers before the age of thirty years and prefer to breastfeed your baby.

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