Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cancer of the uterus or endometrial. Gynecological Cancer and Tumors

The duration cancer groups described diseases that their cause is at the cellular intensity. The term refers to excessive and unplanned development cell of an organism which until now started the process of carcinogenesis, cells were normal. Organic cancer is a disease of the cells, in which cells do not die with the same frequency which are born, which spoils the rate of death (apoptosis) of cells, resulting in too many cells are born and die a few.

In general, the mold is a body that has a shape and size pear, and consists of the body, the endometrial, i.e. the and the cervix. The matrix is ​​in the small pelvis of a woman. Cancer of the uterine endometrial grows on or in the body.

Endometrial cancer is one of the most usual cancers of the female genetic system. 70% occurs in postmenopausal women mostly between 55 and 65 years old.

Each woman 1 year after detaining the period seen blood, you should right away visit the gynecologist. Certainly women who are in the 40th to 50th year of age who presented abnormal period as long, rising the amount of blood and frequent periods return than before, we also need to visit your gynecologist.

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