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Vascular, lymphatic and nervous, Uterus Artery, Uterus Lymph, Uterus Nerve.

Vascular, lymphatic and nervous

Uterus Artery

Uterine artery is the main nutrient uterine artery, internal iliac artery arises from the anterior trunk forward along the inner basin wall walk the line below, into the uterine broad ligament at the base, at a distance of about 2cm lateral cervical transverse across the pelvis ureter before the top, to the side edge of the cervix tortuous upward, along the branch into the uterine wall. Trunk line to the corner of the uterus and ovaries branch that branches into the fallopian tubes, which is within the broad ligament of the uterus and ovarian artery anastomosis, the blood supply to the uterus is also partly from the ovarian artery. Uterine artery and ureter pelvic cross after issuing downward vaginal branch, located in the upper vagina. Uterine venous plexus should be on both sides of the uterus, issued by that plexus of small veins often converge into two uterine vein, and finally into the internal iliac vein. This clump before the next bladder venous plexus, even after rectal venous plexus, downward phase continued with vaginal venous plexus, synthetic uterus vaginal venous plexus.

Uterus Lymph

The upper end of the uterus and uterine body Most lymphatic vessels upstream along the ovaries injected lumbar lymph nodes and common iliac lymph nodes. Both sides of the bottom part of the uterus lymphatic vessels along the uterine round ligament injection superficial inguinal lymph nodes. The lower part of the uterus and cervical lymphatics along the uterine vessels injected internal iliac lymph nodes or external iliac lymph nodes, part of the lymphatic backwards along the Dice Palace injected sacral ligament lymph nodes. Basin lymphatic organs are directly or indirectly between the anastomosis, therefore, such as the risk of uterine cancer, may have widespread metastases.

Uterus Nerve

Uterine nerve separated from the uterus vaginal pelvic plexus plexus, with the distribution of blood vessels in the upper part of the uterus and vagina.

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