Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Stages of endometrial cancer, information of endometrial cancer

Stages of endometrial cancer

Stage 1: volume is limited to the die body

Stage 2: tumor has spread to the cervix

Stage 3: tumor has spread beyond the uterus but leaves the pelvis and not invade the bladder or intestine

Stage 4: tumor has invaded the rectum or bladder, or has spread to distant tissues

Treatment of cancer of the endometrial

The treatment of endometrial cancer is with surgery or radiotherapy, and in some cases it is used with various preparations progestogens. The surgery is done with either open or closed incision robotics - laparoscopic surgery and involves the removal of the uterus with its accessories (fallopian tubes and ovaries) or removal of pelvic lymph nodes at a more advanced stage. The surgery can be done after radiotherapy.

If the tumor has spread beyond the uterus there is possibility of obtaining external radiation and intracavitary or performed surgery more extensive than a simple ysteroktomia, which is called a radical hysterectomy and accompanied by subtracting paraortikon and pelvic lymph nodes.

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