Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Causal factors for endometrial cancer

The actual cause of endometrial cancer is unknown.

Many of the factors associated with tumor growth in the matrix associated with increased production of estrogens in it. This increased incidence is observed:

Women in the blood which circulate either because many estrogens do not ovulate as in polycystic ovaries or because estrogens as hormone substitute therapy during menopause.

  In diabetic women.

  In women who have had several IVF attempts.

In women who have many years of period (early menarche and late menopause).

Inside women who are treated with ant estrogens for breast cancer ant estrogens stop the growth of breast cancer while having estrogenic result in the uterus. Course, the likelihood of developing endometrial cancer is small compared to that offered by this treatment of the breast woman.

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