Saturday, 24 August 2013

Uterus Outline

Namely endometrial mucosa by the epithelium intrinsic membrane composition, uterine endometrial functional film can be divided into superficial and deep basal layer, functional layer is thick, about the thickness of the intima 4/5, the base layer is thinner than the dense, about 1/5 of the menstrual cycle, the function layer exfoliation, while basal non-exfoliation.

Also known as uterine uterus, women cell, is inherent in the name of traditional Chinese medicine, is Qi Heng House. The name of the uterus, first appeared in the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic · amethyst" article, that attending "Women's cold in the womb, never pregnant ten years without children."

Position of the uterus: Ming Zhang Jie-bin "category by Annex · sanjiao envelope Vital identified" cloud: "uterus, rectum ...... ranks until after the bladder."

Uterine morphology: Ming Zhang Jie-bin "Jing Yue Quan Shu woman rules · heir class · Resolution ancient" in the words quoted Zhu Dan says: "Yin Yang copulation, pregnancy is fetal coagulation, the possession of the Department, the name of the uterus, a series the next, there are two Qi, is divided into two, shaped like a bowl together, one over the left, one of the right.”clear that the uterus is an inverted triangle, a line down (the cervix), and its left and right upper corner there is a manifold (tubal) extending to both sides, that is, "there are two Qi"; Palace is hollow, Gu Yue, "shaped like a bowl together."

The role of the uterus: Zhang Jie-bin "category by category · Viscera odd constant diarrhea of ​​different organs Tibet": "Women of the cells, the uterus is also. 

Female uterus is the birth place of new life in the process of sex, here will produce a series of significant changes. Adult woman's uterus about 7-8 cm long, 4-5 cm wide at the bottom, 2-3 cm thick, weighing about 40-50 g, the bottom is connected with the vagina, there will be complex in response to sex, to bring women wonderful experience.

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