Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ten killer uteri, Main causes of killer uterus, ten main causes ok uterus.

Uterus - a woman's body pear-shaped organ, we in this world's a warm home. Whether you are now in their twenties or fifties; also whether you are a man or a woman, be careful, there is ten hurt it most!
Ten injury tenth place: sexual disorders and unclean.

Dirty sex life can cause: virginities, cervicitis, Cervical erosion, Tubal inflammation. 

Do not underestimate these infections, but they are vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, cervical cancer and the importance of fallopian tube cancer risk factors.

In addition, premature sex and confusion, frequent menstruation, sexual intercourse and so is the production of an important factor in cervical cancer. So, clean, sober sex is the primary task of caring uterus. Before sex parties with flowing water for washing genitals is the most basic step to prevent gynecological diseases.
In short, modern medicine has proved that dirty sex life has become a cause of gynecological cancer the "culprit." early pregnancy and labor before sexual indulgence

The first three months of pregnancy to ban sexual intercourse. At this point the embryo is not yet firmly attached to the uterus is abortion predilection period. At this time a strong uterine contractions during orgasm, there is the risk of interruption of pregnancy. Especially the history of abortion, pregnancy had a small amount of vaginal bleeding women with threatened abortion or older, who so eager Praying, sexual intercourse should be prohibited.

Early pregnancy sex life caused by bacterial infection should pay attention. Pregnancy increased secretions, genital ulceration is not only easy, but also weaken the resistance of bacteria. Bacterial infections, there are symptoms such as increased risk of miscarriage. So always pay attention to keep the area clean, but must pay special attention before sexual activity.

After three months of pregnancy should be forbidden sexual intercourse. Sex trade stimulate uterine contractions and cause miscarriage, premature birth, bleeding, or puerperal fever. Especially the last four weeks of pregnancy, sexual intercourse may cause fetal meningitis, leading to premature rupture of membranes, preterm delivery, and postpartum infection, and dangerous, should be forbidden sex life.
Labor before a month or three weeks when the fetus has matured, the uterus has declined gradually open the cervix. If you then sexual intercourse, amniotic fluid infection more likely. Also likely to cause premature birth, the fetus in utero by maternal infection can also influence the physical and mental development impeded.