Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ovarian cancer, Information of Ovarian cancer, Symptoms of Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer

Are malignant neoplasms that, depending on the cells from which are classified into the following categories:

Neoplasm of germinal epithelium
Neoplasm’s from germ cells
Neoplasm’s of the layer
Neoplasm’s of the mesenchyme

The symptoms can cause a pain in abdomen, feeling of heaviness and swelling of the abdomen, vaginal mikroaimorragia off period, endocrine disorders.

The diagnosis, as in benign ovarian cysts is initially gynecological examination, ultrasound uterine-ovarian, and then it is appropriate to doppler to check the vascularity of the bladder, CT or MRI, and blood tests for tumor markers who several times found in high levels.

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