Saturday, 24 August 2013

Uterus Location, Location of the Uterus

Uterus in the pelvic Central, between the bladder and rectum. Its location may vary bladder and rectum while filling degree or postural changes. Upright, almost parallel to the horizontal uterus, uterine funds volts at the top rear of the bladder, cervix remains above the plane of the Ischia spine. Adult normal uterus was slightly forward, flexion posture, leaning forward axis of the uterus and vagina open shaft angle was forward, flexion of the uterus and cervix between the bend. Mainly rely on the normal position of the uterus Zhu ligaments, pelvic diaphragm, urogenital diaphragm and perinea central tendon and other structures to maintain these structures damaged or loose, it can cause uterine prolapsed. Uterus can be divided into bottom, body, Gap, neck four, its upper end rounded bulge, located on both sides of the part above the mouth of the uterus fallopian tube to the end; narrow thin cylindrical lower part of the neck, is the inflammation and multiple sites of cancer, is divided into the upper vagina and cervix and vagina. Between the bottom and the neck part of the body; body between the neck and the lower part of the narrow part of the gorge, uterine isthmus gradually extended with pregnancy, labor when the apparent formation of the lower uterine segment, obstetrics often made here laparotomy tires. The upper part of the uterus and fallopian tubes side edge phase at, called uterine horn. Uterine septum vesicouterine front pouch above the adjacent bladder, cervix through the vagina in front of the upper part of the bladder and vaginal septum adjacent the bottom of the bladder, cervix and vagina and the urethra through the urethra vaginal septum adjacent; uterine pouch behind the uterus through the rectum and rectovaginal septum adjacent to the rectum.

Uterus in the pelvic center, between the bladder and rectum. Normal adult woman is not pregnant uterus was forward flexion, uterine fixtures mainly pelvic diaphragm and vagina and ligaments supporting the traction fixed. Four pairs ligament broad ligament of uterus, uterine round ligament, the main ligament of the uterus, uterine sacral ligaments.

Palace was inverted flat pear-shaped, flat front, back slightly prominent, wide wall cavity is small, the top wide and free, forward and upward; lower end of the narrow, cylindrical, insert the upper part of the vagina. Adult woman's uterus average length, width and thickness were 7 × 5 × 3 cm, the uterine cavity capacity of about 5ml.

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